Introducing Newsco

Are you communicating effectively in the areas where you have the most captive audience?

  • Are you still using email, intranet, newsletter to communicate?
  • Do you have a captive audience in lobbies, work spaces or welcome areas?
  • Do you have unique and complex needs, subgroups and subcultures that require custom messaging?
  • Do you use monitors to communicate, educate or entertain?
  • Are you streaming news or sports channels on your monitors?
  • Are you using a USB Key to play content on monitors?

Until now, it has not been easy to create and curate content to stream content to monitors.

Transform your corporate communications

Newsco transforms corporate content into engaging corporate channels faster and clearer than anything else providing information and content in a push based manner.

This means that messaging in reception areas, common spaces, work areas and any other corporate space can be tailored to the specific audience. Newsco also easily combines dynamic media alongside client-generated content. 

Clients can finitely describe what will be seen and when across all the public space monitors on a monitor by monitor basis.

Poor communication can be the single biggest destroyer of value.

Enterprises that effectively communicate

  • Drive higher performance
  • Enjoy higher market premiums
  • Higher shareholder returns
  • More likely to report high levels of employee engagement
  • More likely to report lower turnover

Create targeted effective communication

  • Allowing dynamic, real-time, engaging, and purposeful messaging
  • Set mood and ambiance
  • Develop corporate culture and employee loyalty
  • Build brand and customer loyalty

Tailored targeted communication to

  • Employees
  • Partners
  • Distributors
  • Customers/ Clients
  • Welcome Areas

Communicate with your audience better than ever before. Differentiate yourself with mobility, speed, and accessibility

  • Flexible and powerful customizable structure to quickly adapt to the needs of big corporations
  • Distribution of content to digital medium including monitors, social media and mobile devices
  • Multi channel and multi level platform control of monitors from one centralized location
  • Relevant news flow and music to capture audience attention. Set ambient mood and differentiated user experience

  • Powerful AI system to aggregate news/content

A Gartner report has identified that enterprises that effectively communicate drive higher performance and enjoy 19% higher market premiums, 57% higher shareholder returns and are 4.5 times more likely to report high levels of employee engagement and 20% more likely to report lower turnover.

About cPro

Newsco brings to the market unique innovation in digital communications. cPro, Enterprise communication intelligence and content management platform, is a cloud-based SaaS offering that provides clients control over their corporate communication. Our solution serves our clients in various industries around the world to communicate more effectively with their employees, partners, distributors, and customers.

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Features Included

We have a dedicated tech support team ready to assist with any troubleshooting needs that arise.  Helpful tutorials are also available for use at anytime. Save time by sending your support request and get help quickly. We are available for your requests 24/7.

  • Enterprise tool to create multi channels for distribution to departments/branches/families of businesses.
  • Real time content management system centralizing corporate material; allow corporations to flexibly and easily manage communication from one single unified system, pushing and pulling of content to social media sites seamlessly
  • Easily distribute internal content including corporate branding, identity, responsibility, reputation, communication, investor relations or public relations to targeted audience
  • Combine customized external news stories and music relevant to audience to grab attention
  • Multilevel content permissioning, controls and auditing

Awards and Accolades

Mario Mazzardo is the founder and CEO of Newsco.  He was previously the founder and Chief Technical Officer of solidThinking, a software in the industrial design arena. The firm won several awards, including the Best of Breed award assigned personally by Steve Jobs. In 2008 solidThinking was  acquired by Altair Engineering, after the merger Mario served as Vice President of Product Management & Strategy.