The original Newsco solution targeted at large corporate deployments. A digital platform for small/medium business, a business model whereby partners sell the solution in ASP mode. And lastly, a solution for the digital platform that enables the transportation market to entertain and engage their passengers.


  • cPro is the original Newsco solution targeted at large corporate deployments
  • Syndicate your own corporate TV channels
    • Multilevel content permission, controls, and auditing
  • Offering flexibility and ease in the centralization and distribution of corporate content to different business models, multiple stakeholders, and geographic constraints


  • All the features of our original cPro designed for companies interested in enhancing their brand and customer reach through licensing  Newsco in ASP mode
  • White label model for additional branding and revenue opportunities


  • A digital platform that enables the transportation market to entertain and engage their passengers
  • Enhanced passenger experience
    • Passenger interaction to set the mood, ambiance, and contents on transportation vehicles
    • Create a differentiated user experience from the competition

What problem are we solving?

Twenty-first-century corporations are scrambling to keep up with the communication expectations of their stakeholders. Although the mobility, speed, and accessibility of news and information have evolved, there remains a gap at the corporate level utilizing dated tools such as email, intranet, and newsletters. Large corporations have unique and complex needs, subgroups and subcultures that require custom messaging with a single unified system. Companies that utilize monitors distributed throughout require different content to connect with varied audiences.

The gap for corporations will continue to grow exponentially with new technological advances. Global companies are looking for a competitive edge to get the most of their communication to their stakeholders to position themselves in a time when poor communication can be the single biggest destroyer of value.

Newsco addresses these corporate communication needs through, cPro, our proprietary enterprise SaaS communication intelligence and content management platform. cPro allows corporations to create targeted effective communication by building corporate syndicated news channels. These channels allow dynamic, real-time, engaging, and purposeful messaging, set mood and ambiance, develop corporate culture and employee loyalty and build brand and customer loyalty.

Newsco is the most innovative and fastest way to communicate automatically!

Michelle Mollineaux / ZE PowerGroup Inc.

Newsco Benefits

  • Employee engagement

Newsco allows organizations to engage employees and other stakeholders with their own syndicated corporate news channels. By utilizing monitors and other media, this allows internal news and curated external news/content to entertain and engage employees or other areas within the organization.

  • Control of content, news and messaging

The internal news content is corporate created material, typically companies have a plethora of corporate information generated by marketing, advertising, or HR including, corporate news, product and services updates, charity news and corporate events.

  • Easy to use and update

Content can be added easily with an expiry date and will run only while relevant.

  • Seamless content curation attracts viewers

External news/content is curated news feeds that is customized to attract the audience and is the “secret sauce” as it is the content that keeps the channel fresh, new and engaging.

  • Connecting AI to your communication

Leverage AI to grab the most relevant news stories and rotate through the syndicated channels, allowing enhanced internal communication.